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Various types of drip irrigation systems have been used for many years by commercial vegetable and fruit growers and by large commercial nursery operations.  Now you can have that same convenience for your for residential ornamental,  decorative and vegetable gardens. Dripigation, LLC Is Your Answer !!!

Dripigation, LLC designs and installs residential low cost drip irrigation systems to automatically water flowers, outdoor potted plants, hanging baskets, vegetable gardens and most types of ornamental plantings including many types of decorative trees and shrubs as required. Every system is custom designed for the exact type of plantings you have at your home or office.

Once installed and setup, you do not have to worry about watering your flowers, ornamentals, and vegetable garden again.  Leave for the day, a week, or a month and our CUSTOM DESIGNED system takes care of watering your plantings.

Dripigation provides each plant with the proper amount of water at the proper time of day during each automatic watering cycle by utilizing individual drip lines with drip output nozzles customized for the water requirements of each individual plant or groups of plants included in the system. The system also includes battery powered timers to water different zones automatically even when you are not around. You may also save  money on your water bill by watering only where and when it is needed and with the right amount of water.

Dripigation is easily and quickly installed with no tear up of your yard, garden or planting beds. An average installation usually can be done in 1-2 days.  It requires only a simple hose connection to an outdoor faucet and one or more battery operated timers (included with the system) to allow for watering various zones at the proper times of day with the proper amount of water. There is absolutely no complex plumbing or electrical connections required and the battery operated timers generally operate an entire season with two “AA” batteries in each timer. The water supply lines and the small dip feed line are easily concealed by your planting and/or under the mulch in your beds.

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